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If you named a tabletop RPG from the 90's I probably played it at some point. I remember going back to it after I had played through the game some months later, only to find that the stickers don't particularly "age" well :(. When I was in high school I played every single RPG I could get my hands. Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder is a enjoy most about the new City of Secrets series? Apr 20, 2012 - So, I guess, JASON, my question is this either, what do YOU define as a TURN-BASED RPG (for me, I usually consider that to be the FFVII type, where I can chose "Active" or "Wait", but my friend obsessed with the Dragon Warrior series . Jan 17, 2013 - The second phase – childhood – has the player answer another set of questions which guide picking Learned Skills and Characteristics (an early version of the Savage Worlds or Cortex System advantages/hindrances). JZ: Skullkickers is a much more irreverent approach to fantasy/RPG-fueled storytelling, but there's definitely some crossover. JZ: I grew up on RPGs and board games, absolutely. May 23, 2014 - Do you play any RPGs? This same process is repeated This system was very much NOT what I had grown up with in Traveller or my other RPGs of this time like FASA's Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game or the first edition of Prime Directive. Cursed Frogurt started this thread.

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